AvaxDAO Docs
Who we are, and where we're going.

Avax DAO

Avax DAO is the next evolution of the reserve currency protocol. The DAO uses its protocol-controlled value to reward token holders with high yields, while using its treasury reserves to invest in and incubate innovative projects.

What sets us apart?

Unlike first-generation reserve currency protocols, the goal of Avax DAO isn’t just to grow its market cap and treasury from bonding: Avax DAO will also use 10% of bond profits to invest in high-quality crypto assets, effectively turning the DAO into an on-chain Innovation Fund.

Who made Avax DAO?

The Avax DAO core team has a diverse background and worldwide presence. The team includes folks with backgrounds in crypto venture capital, software engineering, graphic design, marketing, and more. We've been working together for the last several months on the project and look forward to where the DAO goes as a community. To learn more, see the "Meet the Team" section in our Discord.
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